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International Schools ONE! 

  • The best international education in Moscow. 
  • English and Chinese languages of instruction. 
  • Research-driven education.
  • Children go to California summer camps.

Our mission

Raise happy, healthy, and successful children who are able to change the world for the better.

Age: kids from 5 to 8

Teachers: Native speakers

Foreign languages taught: Russian, English, and Chinese

Classes:  2 classes, up to 15 kids, 6 to student-teacher ratio, English is the language of instruction

CCTV: available

Well-qualified:   teachers

Exclusive: оfull-day stay

Bilingual private schools with an international curriculum in Moscow’s best districts

Hello, my friends! OUR CURRICULUM

 was designed through joint efforts of our Russian and American teams. The American team has over 10 years of experience in early childhood development (Early career development). 

OUR APPROACHES include the IB standard drawing on 60-year-long work experience, which is used in over 4000 schools worldwide. It inspired us to choose research as the cornerstone of the learning process. 

OUR AIM is to have 3000 graduates trained to enter the world's leading universities.  

Maxim Natapov

 Managing Director

One! International School

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What is unique about our approach to upbringing and educating children?

primary school in Moscow offering two foreign languages, English and Chinese.

Stimulating Classroom Environment

Well-designed classrooms contribute to the child's positive perception of the learning process and the curriculum, and One! International School is aimed at enhancing the processes’ effectiveness. We keep pace with changes and are even a bit ahead of them!

Excellent Location

Our schools are located in Moscow’s best districts, including Krylatskoe, the greenest district, and the MUSEON Art Park in the center of Moscow.

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up to 15 kids



in each group

Media about us

Professions of the future. How to help our children.

 Maxim Natapov/ 23.11.2016

One! toddler-care centers, preschools conception

Learn more from the story broadcast on Channel One Russia

Parents’ reviews


Emma Bulaevoy

For me the most important thing is that my child should have the best education. …it’s crucially important to have the most modern education since the very early age... And One! International School is the very important step and I think, I’m sure if it would the second step in school, so I think it would be very good for her education.

Mom Tommaso Sabbatini

I was very impressed before by all coming, by Maxim and that’s all. And we decided to start. And it seems to be the right solution, I mean, the right choice because we are very happy with the atmosphere, with the teachers that are involving us also in the day, so and I see Tommy, as I already told you, very happy

Dad Ilya Koryakina

I think that there should be a smooth transition from preschool to primary school, and the primary school needs to help a child develop the skills and expand the knowledge that he or she has acquired at an earlier stage. The preschool and the school must respect the child's personality. It will be difficult, but as far as I can see, I am sure that it will be possible .... Once I already did it [sent my child to One! International School], and I do not regret it at all, so ... the kindergarten and then the primary school One! will just be a logical transition from one stage to the next.

We have our own nurseries, preschools, and kindergartens! 185 kids aged 1.5 to 7


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Major Course and Extracurricular Activities

In the classroom, students carry out research for their projects, they are immersed in the bilingual environment, and teachers rely on the individual abilities of each child.

Bilingual Education

In addition to a flexible system of courses and regular classes with native speakers, we organize electives to study mathematics and natural sciences in English.

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Apply for the academic year of 2017/18.  Admission is conditional on the entry test. 


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